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"Denise has helped us with a ton of stuff. She first came to put together Ikea furniture and a Container Store chair--which she did in a snap. She also painted a wall and helped organize the massive messes that were our garage and home office. She is hard working, highly skilled, and a problem solver. I cannot say enough positive about her."

- Jessica K., Washington, DC

"I initially hired Denise to haul away a futon sofa and a full-sized box spring. She took initiave to donate the items and proactively mailed me the donation receipt. Since then, I hired her for two other projects. 1. Painting primer on several walls in an apartment. 2. Picking up, pre-paying, assembling, then delivering a two-part piece of Ikea furniture. Both jobs were done with attention to detail, timeliness, and fair pricing. I hope to work with her again. Easy to work with, reliable and she does quality work."

- Carrie W., Washington, DC

"My husband and I first came to know about DC HandyVets at Ikea--we opted to use their same-day delivery service and boy are we glad we did!  Since that day, we utilized their funiture building service, junk removal service, and even called them to fix our jammed garbage disposal. Each time I've been extremely happy with their work and I'll always call them first. I highly recommend them to anyone and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!"

-Amrita I., Washington, DC